After School Activities

Dance and Zumba

Our certified instructors train students in different dance forms such as Freestyle, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Bollywood, Folk, etc. We offer classes for all ages from 3 years old and up at flexible timings. We have our own spacious dance studio

Besides having regular dance classes we have Zumba classes that are exclusive to women from our certified Zumba instructors.


Bouncing, spinning and jumping – all our kids are natural gymnasts .Gymnastics is a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations for an active and strong lifestyle .Our trainers aim to build the locomotor skills and thereby enhance the confidence of the child.

For your youngster to try out gymnastics as a beginner and have room to develop, this is a terrific place.



We provide personalized teaching of the art through old school ideologies — Synchronization of Mind, Body & Spirit. Children  just don’t learn the art of fighting but also how to face daily life challenges, overcome and succeed.

Our certified trainers help to build mental and physical fitness through unique self defense techniques.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga calms, relieves stress, improves concentration, and relaxes the mind. It helps our bodies align with our bones and muscles and guide our spine so that energy can flow freely. Our certified teachers help in your child’s self-transformation by allowing them to focus on their breath and control the fluctuations of their minds.

Meditation increases self-confidence and reduces all negative emotions. We enhance your child’s imagination, creativity, perseverance, and tolerance. We help their mind to focus on the present.


ART is a universal language of communication. Drawing is also considered as one of the most important tools for overall growth of a healthy child. Our trainers act as a catalyst in bringing out the imagination, creativity, self-confidence, patience, discipline etc…in a child.


Developmental abilities including fine motor skills and sequential memory are strengthened by handwriting. With the use of various grip instruments and approaches, our specially curated and specialized handwriting training classes can accommodate the unique writing styles of the children.

Our mentors work with your child to improve their fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, and motor fluency to present beautiful handwriting.


The science and art of calligraphy is the reflection of beauty in straightforward words and letters. We assist your child to accomplish this writing, with a variety of tools and methods.Trainers guide your child to step into this world of elegance, art, and authenticity. 



By studying the sounds of individual letters, letter groups, and particularly syllables, phonics is a way for instructing novices in reading and pronouncing words. A student’s ability to hear and recognise the spelling is improved with the aid of phonics.

Phonics increases vocabulary and mental power. As a result your child becomes a proficient and independent reader.


Chess offers various advantages, including improving concentration, memory, creativity, planning and decision-making abilities, self-awareness, and overall cognitive growth. Chess is a brilliant form of entertainment and engagement, above all.

Our mentors provide the kids with the space and attention they need to study and consider their options for playing the game.


Abacus is a math technique that focuses on using your child’s natural ability to visualize the mental abacus process. The foundation of our programme is performing lengthy mathematical operations. Sharpening the mind, problem-solving abilities, and creativity and vision are all improved by doing this.

We first teach a child how to use an abacus to answer math problems.A child’s mental image of the abacus is then developed via repeated practice with the abacus, and eventually the child is able to execute calculations mentally without using a physical abacus.

Vedic Math

The main goal of Vedic Maths is to effectively teach children the sutras and techniques for resolving mathematical equations. By transforming the way your child approaches math issues, our Vedic Maths instructors make sure that he or she masters the topic.

Vedic math supports one in a variety of decision-making, prediction, and creative thinking processes. Vedic mathematics can solve complex mathematical problems quickly, almost like magic. Students that take this course change from having a phobia of math to loving math.

Brain Gym & MID Brain Activation

Brain Gym is a thorough curriculum that includes all the necessary components for thorough child grooming while also paving the way for a new direction in traditional educational approaches by raising a child’s aptitude level and comprehension.

To come up with more solutions to the same issue, this curriculum focuses on Memory Boosters, Creative Thinking, Soft Skills, and Communication.


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