5 E Paedagogy


We help the students to choose their interest and draw their attention span.


Children explore the concepts through hands on activities and tap their curiosity


We encourage them to enhance their attention skills and listen to the directional instructions, apply their knowledge and relate to their experiences .


Children connect with their surroundings helping them discover new meaning & new ways of looking at the world they live in.


Children exhibit their learnings which reflects in their overall development.

Our Programs

Todz Zone

1 – 1.5 years

Todz zone supports the child to overcome fear and separation from the family. They experience creative and interactive play in a safe, secure, & clean environment.

  • Montessori Based Activities
  • Play Way Learning
  • Socio – Emotional Growth

Blooming Buds

1.5 – 2.5 years

There is nothing better than learning through exploration and discovery. Your child will meet new people, participate in group activities and begin to better understand social cues which will help in their emotional growth. From doing simple actions to exploring various sounds and words, learning will be fun and easy.

  • Montessori Based Activities
  • Socio – Emotional Growth
  • Fun Filled Activities
  • Improves Vocabulary

Baby Sharks

2.6 – 3.5 years

Here we help them to brush up their skills for school life as they are just a step away from experiencing a more formal education system. We focus on giving special attention to pre-writing, artwork, science activities, play characters, and movement games which help to build their motor skills. We help your child to get ready and excited for school.

  • Socio – Emotional Growth
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills
  • Develops Language Skills 
  • Learns Pre writing Skills
  • Activity Based Learning

Master Blaster

4.6 – 5.5 years

As your child takes the first step into kindergarten, our highly-qualified and experienced teachers help make the transition seamless and natural as possible. At this age, they start to understand the concepts and move beyond their environment. Besides phonics, your child will learn numbers and begin writing and reading in an energizing and stimulating environment.

  • Personal Awareness
  • Physical Development
  • Improves Vocabulary
  • Improves Reading and Writing Skills
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Cognitive Development

Shining Stars

4.6 – 5.5 years

Children here learn to ask questions, solve problems and express themselves; which helps them to prepare for the school life ahead of them. With an academically rich curriculum, they also begin advanced reading and writing. We also focus on boosting their confidence and developing self-reliance.

  • Learn to be expressive and independent  
  • Advanced Reading and Writing Skills
  • Boost Confidence
  • Conceptual and Theme Based Learning
  • Life Skills and its importance

Child Care Center

2 – 8 years

There is nothing more important to any parent than the safety of their kids when they are away at work. Our center is designed aesthetically to replicate an environment that feels safe, warm, loving and comfortable as home.

  • Safe and Hygienic
  • Surveillance under CCTV 
  • Well trained caregivers and support staff
  • Healthy Food Routine
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