( Certified by Govt. Of INDIA )

Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Child Education

At ELEMENTS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , we know the importance of pedagogy in nation building. Our country’s first prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru believed that children are the pillars and foundation of our country. It is the education which makes them the foundation of our nation. The important task of making children the foundation stones falls on the hands of teachers.

Course Highlights

 This will empower teachers to understand the concept of child development.

Effective strategies for preschool management include supplying routine and structure, providing engaging activities.

 Learning to create a healthy classroom environment.

Teachers will interact with experts from various domains to enhance the knowledge that they gain from the ongoing theory with their rich experience.

 Various teaching aids would be provided so that the teacher can motivate the students so that they can learn better.

 We aspire to provide exciting employment opportunities as per their qualification and achievements and support their professional growth.

Montessori Teacher Training Program

Montessori educators will gain a detailed understanding of how to inspire and instruct young children and engage them in collaborative play and meaningful activities through the Montessori teaching certificate. Our courses in Montessori classroom management train teachers to guide children of different ages. This course is largely focused on Montessori principles, such as ‘the absorbent mind, the sensitive period and the child tendencies, the subconscious power, which are used to guide the child to learn on their own within a structured environment.

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